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A Japanese Escorts Role Play Adventure - Part 2 - What Sisiko Did Next

J.P. All Rights Reserved

There are so many different role play scenarios that are played out on a regular basis by Japanese escorts all over the world, but some courtesans turn role play into an art form and none quite as magnificently as Sisiko who can be booked exclusively here in central London on Gentle Seduction. Sisiko, as you can see by looking at her gallery pictures, is a very beautiful young London Japanese escort with an absolutely amazing body, and she is probably the right fit for almost any fantasy you might have.


The naughty daughter fantasy that one of her clients requested was more difficult for Sisiko than most role play fantasies because she thought it was wrong for a father to lust after his daughter, but she took it in her stride because, after all, fantasies are not real life. The fantast took place at the client’s house in Chelsea, where Sisiko arrived wearing a short skirt, white blouse and knee socks just like she did when she was at school. As previously arranged, she rang on the doorbell and when the client opened the door she presented him with a sealed envelope which contained a report from her teacher at school. They went to the living room, where the client opened the envelope and read the letter. “I can’t believe that my daughter would be so naughty” He said. “Go up to your room at once and stay there until I decide what to do with you.” Sisiko was an excellent actress, she started to cry and ran upstairs.


She sat down on the bed and shortly afterwards the client came into the room and proceeded to berate her about her lack of propriety at school because the letter said that she was caught kissing a boy outside the classroom. Sisiko lowered her head as though in shame and waited for what she already knew would come next. “Have you been wearing non-regulation underwear at school, Sisiko?” he asked. Her lack of response was the cue for him to add “Take off your clothes this instant” he growled. Sisiko stood up and unbuttoned her blouse and the client saw that she was actually not wearing a bra at all as he looked longingly at her firm young breasts. She then took off her skirt and stood there naked apart from her white knee socks. “I’m so sorry, daddy,” she said with a tear in her eye, “can you ever forgive me?”


The client sat down beside her on the bed and put his arm around her as though to comfort her. He began by rubbing her back, but soon moved his hand around to her pretty breasts, which he fondled lovingly. He then kissed her cheeks, but he couldn’t resist kissing her mouth too as his hand found its way down between her legs. “Oh, daddy, what are you doing?” Sisiko gasped. “I am getting so wet and I don’t know why.” The client sat her sideways on the bed and knelt between her legs. “I am going to teach you a lesson.” He said, as he began to lick her sweet young innocence. As Sisiko began to squirm in ecstasy, he pushed her back on the bed, took off his clothes, and pushed himself deep inside her. As Sisiko expected, this lasted for no more than a minute, then the client got up, picked up his clothes, and left the room.


The envelope that she picked up from the hall table was even fatter than she expected, and Sisiko went home knowing that this was another role play client who would be coming back for more very soon. There will be more role play adventures with Sisiko in the next blog here on Gentle Seduction.


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