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A Japanese Escorts Role Play Adventure - Part 1 - Sisiko

J.P. All Rights Reserved

Sisiko had not been working as a London Japanese escort for very long when she discovered that a lot of her clients enjoyed role playing fantasies as well as tasting the delights of her amazing body. She had always assumed that her beautiful face and perfect breasts would be more than enough to satisfy any man, but her looks were ideally suited to role play; Sisiko can dress like a schoolgirl and look like a schoolgirl, albeit a schoolgirl with rather well-developed breasts; or she can dress plainly and act like an innocent young girl who pretends to resist the advances of her client, at least for a while. Sisiko can wear sexy underwear and be the naughty mistress of every man’s dream; in fact, there are no fantasies that are beyond her abilities.

Sisiko is a gorgeous Japanese girl with a radiant smile, long flowing hair, legs that seem to go on forever and breasts that are the envy of every other London Japanese escorts on Gentle Seduction, just look at her pictures in the gallery and I’m sure you will agree.

The first time that Sisiko had a role play date, the client asked for her to dress as a schoolgirl and sit down at the table in her flat where she pretended to read a book while the client pretended to be her schoolteacher. From time to time, the client patted her on the head murmuring encouragement. Sisiko knew what to do, she gazed out her window a few times; after a few minutes the client told her to stop reading and admonished her for not paying enough attention to what she was reading. He told her to stand up and bend over the table, then lifted her skirt to reveal her white panties and lightly spanked her on her firm, tight bum. “Have you learnt your lesson now, you naughty girl” he asked. “I’ve been so bad,” Sisiko said as she turned to face him. “Am I going to fail my exams now?” Well, this was the reaction that the client was hoping for and he told her what she would need to do to get an exam pass. He took her to the sofa and unbuttoned her blouse and when her saw her beautiful breasts he began throbbing with delight. Sisiko knew that he was ready to burst and took him in her mouth. As he came all over her face, he was already asking to extend the date for another hour or two; he couldn’t leave without sampling the tightness of a young girl’s bum. Sisiko knew this was only the beginning of this client’s schoolgirl fantasy, and that there would be many more bookings to come with him.

On her second role play booking, the client requested she wear a simple cotton dress and flat shoes and wear her hair in a ponytail. He brought a bottle of wine with him to her apartment, and her role was to be an innocent young girl who got a little tipsy before he took advantage of her. They were sitting on the couch when he started to stroke her thighs and try to kiss her; Sisiko turned away and begged him to stop, but that only made him more excited and he pulled her dress down over her breasts and started to suck on them. Sisiko knew precisely when to give in, and with a tear in eye, she opened her legs and submitted to him; of course, he came very quickly just like she knew he would.

On her third role play date, Sisiko had a very rich client who booked her for the night in a very expensive suite at Claridge’s. He wanted her to be a very high-class mistress who he was having an illicit affair with behind his wife’s back. Sisiko went to Bond Street that afternoon and bought a full set of La Perla underwear and a black Halston dress which suited her admirably. She arrived at the suite that evening and indulged in every conceivable act that she could imagine to please this client. The result was even better than she expected, because he became a regular and often takes her away for trips to film festivals and for cruises on his yacht.

Sisiko’s Japanese escorts adventures in role play are so diverse that it will take quite some time to relate them all, but we will be sure to include a few more of them in future articles here on Gentle Seduction.


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